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Wine is the sweet beautiful Tibetan

Date: 2012-05-23

In recent years, with high-end wine lovers individuation growing demand, the world wine investment and collecting sex more and more attention. Domestic at present the largest professional wine auction -- Goethe surplus sweet 2012 spring is patted will be on June 2-3 days kunlun hotel in Beijing comprehensive curtain, and will be on May 30, - June 1 in spring is patted private view.

As we have learned, as a leading domestic professional wine auction platform, Goethe surplus sweet the spring is patted will be divided into five special performance, including old maotai performance, one thousand jins intact the original places DongJiu performance, local wines and health wine performance, a famous French collectors Edward king private collection of special performance, world famous wine liquor special performance. Thousands of a rare items, the wonderful present. Produced from the s of the famous Chinese liquors maotai, wulianye, shaoxin, DongJiu particularly eye-catching.

"Still" sweet "old maotai special performance, to satisfy the masses of enthusiasts collection needs, collect the mark 202, more than 4000 bottles of old maotai, cover from the 1950 s to the 80 s many high-quality goods, including 50 s in three bottles of five-star brand maotai and two bottles of wheel brand maotai become focus. In addition, but also produced in 1960 five star brand maotai two bottles, originated in the s on the maotai ten bottles, originated in the 80 s sunflower brand maotai, "black sauce", "sold", "flying sold", "1704 treasures maotai" dozens of bottle, and the original box "local state" maotai, etc.

The spring is patted previewing period, Goethe surplus sweet and Orient press joint planning and publication of "the world's most precious 100 kind of beautiful wine" author, world famous collectors michelle - Jacques cather "sir also invited will visit the site, wine lovers brought into a wonderful wine kingdom.

Goethe surplus sweet founder LiuXiaoWei sir think: "the Chinese consumers need more culture and the idea of the guide, make consumer tend to be more rational, can guarantee wine auction and collects the market stable and long-term healthy sustainable development. Goethe surplus sweet the spring is patted the will has profound background of the world wine culture to the vast number of consumers, and guide the famous collection of rational investment and consumption, so as to build a wine from the possession of the platform to share. (Korea phase tuk)